Searching Google for RFID Pet Chip Codes Free

Google can find Pet RFID Chips once they're registered at

For free, you can register your pet's chip or tattoo, and in a week, Google will return whatever information you enter when someone searches your pet's chip.

If you ever thought it would be great for RFID's to be searchable in Google without drilling down into a proprietary web site like Home Again –  this is neat. will allow veterinarians, emergency clinics, or regular folks to help find your pet simply by keying in the scanned RFID code and Google returns the entry.

Now you can find a pet's RFID registration simply by entering into the search in Google. Backed up daily, and submitted to the search engines one a week, this is an easy-to-find site.



Searching RFID Chips Online is a new web site that allows the public to register their pet's RFID 'chips' online in such a way as to allow Google to show the pet's origins and owners simply by entering the RFID Chip code into the database. The site backs up daily and is presented to the search engines weekly for better ranking.

Searching for pet chip ID codes online has been an expense in the past but is free of charge.

We recommend that you enter your pet's RFID code but instead of using your full contact data, use your work phone number, or a burner-email address or better still:  Your vet's information. How does that work?

Someone enters your pet's RFID chip code into Google and your listing at is returned. The person seeking you out as the pet's owner sees your pet's name and Rabies tag number or information leading to your VET, not your personal details.

They contact your vet and present them with the pet's name, Rabies tag number or even the chip and the Vet puts you guys together lickity split.

Searching pet RFID tags / chips online has never been so easy. is a free pet chip registry. Finding your pet's RFID identification chip using Google is now a possibility. Learn how at


Doc Johnson And Microscope Training And Microscope Training

Over at there are about ten pages that take you through how to use a microscope. The detail is great, and the author is good at educating a non-technical person. Frank Prince-Iles wrote these tutorials probably 19 years ago. Not much has changed, but the articles were updated with some newer microscope parts. 

You learn about the parts of the microscope, what you can see and learn with a microscope, how to use the different parts and abilities of a microscope and even a suggestion on what to look for in a reasonable student scope

Nothing is left out. There are even movies of all the different parasites you could see. 

It's only going to get a LITTLE better when uses some of that detail, and couples it with video using a SPECIFIC microscope that everyone should own, at least, anyone thinking about buying a microscope.

Treating Infections and Ulcers in Koi and Goldfish

Treating Infections and Ulcers in Koi and Goldfish

Besides discovering and correcting environmental problems with the situation, attacking bacterial infections in Koi and Goldfish is a large undertaking. Especially if the infection is impacting the ability of the fish to breathe: The GILLS

The facilities can be very large as in the case of ponds. In fact, so large you can't actually HOLD the fish for treatment. 

The following article discusses how to treat bacterial infections when you CAN hold the fish for treatment, and when you CANNOT hold the fish, also discusses what to do in colder water versus warmer water. 

There are related articles, like how to SHOT GUN parasites in the scenarios with bacterial infections on your goldfish or Koi. 

Always, a microscope is the best way to protect yourself from guessing.

We're going to do a video tutorial, step by step using this Celestron LCD microscope. Look for it on 


Thank you for your kind attention! 


Fish Diseases Fixed By A Good Environment?

Fish Diseases Fixed By A Good Environment?

It's been said that "If you take care of the water, the fish take care of themselves" and I believe there's a BIG grain of truth in that. 

So much so, that I honestly believe that if you provided 90% of species of aquarium or pond fish with the following conditions, they could survive almost anything:

  1. 78 DF temperatures
  2. High aeration
  3. Sponge filtration properly cycled and 
  4. Tested to prove supported pH and nitrogen
  5. Buffered pH and 
  6. Plenty of space 

And so an article pulls all that together from "soup to nuts" with complete instructions and where to find the best deals on the best gear. 

How To Provide A Perfect Place For FIsh To Quarantine or Recover

Written by fish veterinarian Dr Erik Johnson and recommending ONLY things he has bought and tested in his own home, or fish room. 

If you were to follow this advice, and then treat your fish for their actual illness, I think you could hardly ever lose. 



New Resources When Treating Fish Diseases

Resources when facing fish health diseases, symptoms of illness like white spot, and parasite treatments.

There is a lot of information on the internet but it can come from inexperienced sources, and in many cases now, may be a 'bad-translation' of stolen content. It's a "thing" these days. 
"Change enough words and it's not plagiarism!" so they say. And when non-English speakers are 'changing words' I've seen some amazing errors.

The best fish health information can be found on because it's coming from ONE person and not a panel of self proclaimed experts. (Forums) 
Other sites in the same family include: and 

But, sometimes you don't want a computer near the pond, and prefer details in a written paperback format so, perhaps your best bet is Dr Erik Johnson's textbook "Koi Health & Disease" 2
It's written in a cookbook "How to" format that almost anyone could understand. It's been well reviewed. In fact, the ONLY criticism of the book on is that the images inside the book are black-and-white greyscale. You don't lose any information with that, but people expect full color these days. 
Another resource is (A sister site to Things are different on that site. 
At that Fishtreatments web site, which calls itself a "What To Buy For That Bug" web site, you get the symptom, plus a brief description and then HOW TO TREAT IT. 
You'll see an emphasis on improving water quality but you're not left wondering how to do that. Everything is spelled out from lighting to filtration, medications and resources on how to use them – 
The site focuses on because they have Prime shipping, which allows virtually overnight delivery of most things. 
You're just LUCKIER when your local pond supplies store has everything in stock. 
Many times they do.  The Book via Prime

Eurobia Lifetime Hosting Review

The problem with lifetime hosting is the people behind it, and if you're looking for the kind of scam that makes you shake your head and go "just wow" then has a story for you. 

Here's the full review of 

The basic idea is that you get free customer support for the first seven days. Then it's charged for. 

The trick is that they don't respond to your ticket for seven days. Hence they can offer that for free. 

They've GOT your money and if you annoy them, they will suspend your account with the excuse "Spam activities and selling illegal drugs".

Then you're out your money, AND you don't have the service. 

Which really is okay because they run an old version of pHp and they intentionally won't 'white list' your site's pHp.mod file (so it throws an error and corrupts your WP installation, until you ask them to white list that mod script, for twenty dollars. 

If you ask for a refund they'll tell you they don't have a refund policy. When you send them an actual link and screencap to THEIR own refund policy page, they suddenly develop amnesia on how to use English. Then they suspend your account. 

But let's say that you are running a lean, small, essentially undiscovered Wordpfress site and you didn't run into trouble with the server because you aren't intense on resources, at all. They'll STILL suspend you about every three months to extort $20 from you to un-suspend the service. 

That means, that they're getting roughly $60 a year out of everybody on their server after selling them $200 worth of lifetime server. Do you see the profitability of that? 

Paypal is on their side, in their pocket by the way, so if you buy a hosting account, USE YOUR REAL CREDIT CARD so you can charge back. Paypal does NOT have your back on online / digital purchases. It's an automated process and they don't carefully read your complaint. 

Anyway, here's the Review of's Life Time Hosting account and how they do it. 






Goodbye Dear One: On Euthanizing a Pet

Goodbye Dear One

How old am I?

I just couldn't say,

I lived in the moment,

For each day to day.


All I've known

Is chase, and play

Guarding you, to

Do as you say.


It's been so great

to be in your Pack

Included in all things,

We each "got our backs"


But then life got harder

I gladly endured,

For the love of my family

It kept my heart moored.


Then like a pen,

I ran out of ink,

It got harder to move

Even harder to think.


And when it got bad

My people took note;

"We should send him to Heaven"

Came the merciful vote.


So, again I'll stand tall,

with The Dog's endless spirit

To serve as a new pup,

The one who endears it.


by Dr. Erik Johnson

Why Dogs Get So Fat and How To Avoid It

Most dogs won't over-eat unless you give them something so 'tasty' that their tastebuds OVERRIDE their "Leptin" levels. 

What's that? 

Leptin drives down the appetiite in the dog, once it's hit a lean body mass. 

It keeps the dogs appetite in check so it doesn't get too fat to run. Run after rabbits, run away from bears. 

But you can defeat the Leptin impact with bacon, vanilla icecream, Skittles candies, and lard. And wet food mixed in the dry. 

SO Dr Johnson gives you symptoms of overweight to look for. Actually ONE symptom and that's based on the body shape. Says dogs should have a waist and specifies a 'good' dimension. 

Here's the article on "Why Dogs Get Fat, and How They're Supposed to Eat" at 




Use A Human Pharmacy Instead If You Have To.

Did You Know that the "Pharmacy" operating within Chewy, Petsmart, PetcareRx and Petmeds is the same company?  To be honest, I felt like Chewy (especially) really sank to the next level when they hopped into bed with that clan.

The most annoying thing about these p.o.s. "pet" pharmacies.

When you see their advertisement on TV and go to their site, people start looking around and they see stuff they think might be good for their pet.

So they order it. Because you can. You can order anything those pharmacies sell, of your own volition.

But often, it requires a prescription, so the Pet Pharmacy (supposedly a human being there, ha ha ha!!!) sends me a prescription to authorize.

And it's for something that would kill the client's cat SO FAST, it wouldn't even get to my office in time for stomach pumping.

It doesn't work that way at human pharmacies: People can't just walk up to a human pharmacist and say "I think my pet needs this, please send prescription authorization to my Vet." Pet Pharmacies oblige this CONSTANTLY. What idiots.

I get prescription authorizations for:

  • Flea control that kills cats (Products for dogs only)
  • Nsaids that kill cats (Acetaminophen in the formula)
  • Two of the same category (redundant) medications,
  • Two antagonistic medications for heart conditions because 'my grandfather takes that and I thought it would help my dog",
  • A dose on thyroid medications so low that it wouldn't help a church mouse, (Owner and Dr Google just guessed the dog had thyroid problems)
  • Heartworm pill refills for three years in a row with the prescription date LITERALLY hand scratched out,
  • An authorization for brand Vetoryl when the generic would have been a quarter the price. (I should have let the client pay for the $50 stuff instead of pointing him at the $12 stuff)
  • Heartworm pills at $4 off per box while we were running a buy-two-get-one from the manufacturer at the office.
  • Authorizations for fake heartworm pills.
  • Fake authorizations for real heartworm pills. (Yeah, these onlines will take almost handwritten prescriptions)
  • Heartworm pills with Dutch (?) labeling from South Africa or something?

There's more, except the number of instances is rarer.

One of these days they'll go in and take the licenses away from the "pharmacists" working in those shops. But tbh I doubt that would impede the big wheels turning in that industry. So I said all that to say this: Use a human pharmacy instead of a "pet" pharmacy. There are SEVEN human pharmacies that do animal products. They're on my website. They're VIPPS accredited (not just dot-pharmacy domain holders) and they're legitimate.