Maybe most people have always been dishonorable?

When you get old, things change, (which is a cliched statement of the obvious). 
But when you’re young, you (of course) question the things that you do, but as you get older your confidence builds until you’re in your 30s and you don’t question anything that you do. You are at the zenith of power, confidence, and error! 
That wonderful melange of wisdom, coupled with experience, hasn’t kicked in yet.
 …as you turn the corner on 50 to 60 years old, things happen to make you double check yourself, at least, more frequently than you ever did.
And you wonder, as your perspectives change, you wonder if you should’ve had a different perspective on everything before; leading up to that point.
 For example, I wondered this morning whether so many people were always such dishonorable liars. And my fiancé pointed out that tax law has been evolving at a breakneck speed, since it was originated, because people have lied and dishonored themselves on their taxes since the beginning of taxes.
And I get it.
Did you ever wonder, whether people tell such dishonorable lies about their income (for tax purposes), and lie and cheat on their taxes because of the dishonorable way that those liars and cheaters in Washington dishonorably spend their tax dollars?
 I digress. 
I was talking about personal integrity and dishonor.
I wonder if people have been lying to each other, in the realm of psychophysical, romantic, relationships, a.k.a. intimacy, a.k.a. boyfriend, girlfriend. Lying as hard as they do now.
It seems to me, that there is far more almost, emotionless, deceit, and betrayal going on in relationships then I would guess ever before?
Or is it my naivety.
Here is why I think that there’s more cheating than ever and more lying than ever.  At this writing, (May 2023), the fact that young men cheat is so widespread and well known that there is a category of women who just fight over being “the Chick“ or being “the side chick“. Like it’s a foregone conclusion that the guy is going to cheat.
Do most boys cheat? It does seem like it.
(I think all three people in a relationship like that, if they’re aware of it, deserves the results of it. And that is, three LONELY HURT people after a wasted period of time trying to make some thing like that work. Happy loins. Unhappy hearts.
Whether you want to subscribe to the “old-fashioned“ rules of monogamy, or even the biblical rules of monogamy, you have to admit, that’s a good way of staying out of emotional and even physical pain. 
Even if all you’re thinking about; is venereal diseases L0L.